The second wave of entries to the WOC Tour

9. 11. 2020

The second wave of applications for the WOC Tour will start on Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 8:00 PM. The capacity will be increased by 1000 competitors. Registration will take place again via ORIS as in the first wave, it is still possible to register only for all stages. If you are a team or group with more than 20 participants from abroad, you can also use e-mail for the registration. Due to the unclear course of the epidemic, it may not be possible to organize the WOC Tour race for all 2,500 participants. However, we can assure all competitors that the entry fee is fully refunded if the event is not held. In the case of a limited number of participants the preference is for an earlier application. If the epidemiological situation is good enough and allows it, the organizer will announce separate applications during the spring of 2021 for some individual stages, where there is no restriction (number of the runners) from the nature protection authorities.


Information how to make entries in English.