About the Event

The Czech O-Tour 2023 series consists of eight individual races over three weekends from spring to autumn. These eight races consists of 1 sprint, 4 middle distances and 3 long distances.

Series rules

Three weekends

3 active weekends are beeing prepared:

There is a participation limit 1500 competitors for each race. If you want to be sure of your entry, we recommend that you enter directly for the entire series. In addition to the guaranteed entry you will get a discount on the entry fee and an extra gift.

1st race Czech O-Tour 2023 E1 Plzeňsko
2nd race Czech O-Tour 2023 E2 Plzeňsko
3rd race Czech O-Tour 2023 E1 Kokořínsko
4th race Czech O-Tour 2023 E2 Kokořínsko
5th race Czech O-Tour 2023 E3 Kokořínsko
6th race Czech O-Tour 2023 E4 Kokořínsko
7th race Czech O-Tour 2023 E1 Šumava
8th race Czech O-Tour 2023 E2 Šumava


Orienteering forest

The forest is a gym for orienteering runners. We have teamed up with the Ivan Dejmal Foundation and we want to develop a project to increase the stability of forest stands. One of the basic problems of our forests is the occurrence of monocultural tree species, and because of this a number of places have been affected by bark beetle calamity. For each competitor registered for the Czech O-Tour 2023 series, we will plant one tree (usually edible, beech, larch or linden), which are necessary for more stable and natural forests in the long perspective. For the winner of each stage, we will plant. In the autumn months (October to November), each participant or winner can plant their seedling directly. This also applies to other participants and interested parties who want to contribute to the planting of the Orienteering forest. We will map the entire planting into a very detailed orienteering map, where for each seedling we will show the names of all donors, participants of the entire series or winners.

In the footsteps of WOC 2021

The Czech O-Tour 2022 returned to the WOC 2021. We negotiated throughout the autumn of 2021 with representatives of various institutions or nature conservation authorities in order to allow everyone to run in the same terrains like the best competitors in the world at the World Orienteering Championship 2021. As it was not possible to organize a large-scale event in July in the area of relays and the long distance in the Kokořín region, the organizing team tried to turn the negative news into a very unique event, which has no analogues worldwide: a slightly different year-round series in the best terrains of the WOC.