17. 1. 2022

Czech O-Tour 2022 will offer more than planned!

7 races, 3 unique locations, year-round series, rich accompanying program. The organizers modified the concept of the organization and launched the Czech O-Tour 2022 website. Everything follows on from last year’s World Orienteering Championships, where the accompanying races for spectators and fans were canceled due to covid measures. In the […]

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17. 12. 2021

We are looking forward to Czech O-Tour 2022

Are you already looking forward to 2022 and can´t wait for the opportunity to run in the terrains where the World’s best orienteers raced at WOC 2021? We are excited and so we are working very hard on the permits, the schedule, but also on the overall competition scheme. Because […]

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26. 8. 2021

Three years project of Czech Orienteering Tour

Three years project of Czech Orienteering Tour: 3.- 9. July 2021 World Orienteering Championships 11.- 17. July 2022 Czech Orienteering Tour (terrains of WOC 2021) 2.-6. August 2023 – Orienteering World Cup     When we will publish more information about 2022? The race will take place on July 11-17, […]

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10. 7. 2021

Hidden gems #20

XX. To Harrach’ s meadow There is a great hiking day prepared for you, you will have a glance at the Krkonoše, there will be many breathtaking views. Firstly, we need to get to Harrachov. Harrachov is considered as a gate to the Krkonoše. In the beginning, it might not […]

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    17.01.2022 Invitation for Czech O-Tour 2022 were issued.

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