Hidden gems #1

1. 2. 2021

Hidden gems

In cooperation with Liberecký kraj we would like to present the new serial called the Hidden gems of Liberec region. Our region is full of unique and magnificent places that might be unknown even for the locals. We believe that it will be useful for your spare time activities in July. Our vision is to present one of the Hidden gems every week.


I. To views and rocky reliefs

The first of the Hidden gems is situated between two towns – Nový Bor and Cvikov. This region is well known for the glass production, thus we recommend you to visit the unique Glass museum in Nový Bor. In case you desire to walk up, you should visit the Jelení Skok, or climb the magnificent sandstones called Havraní skály. Both of them offers a nice view on a hill Klíč (760m). Finally, to refresh also your gustatory cells make a note to visit Cvikov brewery to taste the local beer.


Map with the route is here.