Hidden gems #10

12. 4. 2021

X. From Hodkovice to Obří sud

Our trip to find the last of the first ten in our Hidden gems serial starts in Hodkovice nad Mohelkou. At the beginning, there is the way of the cross to Kostelní vrch that ends up with a nice view on Javorník, the final destination for today.  Then if we head back around the swimming pool and follow a green marked track, there is a way to Skalní údolí (Rocky valley). You may see the biggest rock there called Velká medvědice (Big bear), on its top, there is a water reservoir that supplies 116 metres deep well. The next stop on our trip is Javornická kaple (Javornická chapel). This chapel is located right next to a sports area with a bobsleigh track and cableway. Now it is time to reward yourself, the best tip for lunch or refreshment is definitely Restaurace Obří sud (Restaurant called the Giant barrel). Have you ever been eating in a barrel? This experience might change your life. 

Map with the route is here