Hidden gems #16

31. 5. 2021

XVI. Trip to Navarov

Get ready for a 15 kilometres long trip to Tanvald. Before you go, make sure to have enough snacks with you. Together we set off our journey from the train station called Navarov. Firstly, there is a blue marked route, then we switch to the green one and get a glance at the ruins of an ancient castle called Navarov. Navarov was built in 14. century, conquered by Swedish troops and later on destroyed on purpose by the emperor. This place is quite unique because nearby the ruined castle, there is a baroque zámek Navarov (palace). Furthermore, we get to the village called Stanový where one of the Czech famous writer, Antal Stašek, used to live and write. He was fond of byron’s romanticism but later on, he enjoyed descriptions of traditional country life in Podkrkonoší. His work included short stories (Blouznivci z našich hor), lyric poems, pathetic poems, or even novels (Nedokončený obraz). The lucky ones would also find his house, looking for house number 9. Then our trip follows bike route 3026 to Haratice. There is a well-known Palackého cesta, that was mentioned on the last trip. Consequently, we get to Velké Hamry, the city popular with its oldest hydroelectric power station. You may be interested in visiting the Muzeum obnovitelných zdrojů  (renewable resources museum). Furthermore, there is a subtle steep route full of fantastic views before we reach the final destination, Tanvald. We recommend you to refill your energy in a café and pizzeria Ledo, or in Nádražní restaurace.

Map with the route here