Map scale preferences for Jizera Mountains and Kokořín region – voting results

10. 5. 2022

Thanks to everyone who took part in the vote. We would like to inform you about the results.


There were 67 responses, 13% of respondents were from classes up to and including DH18, 33% from DH20-21 and 54% from masters classes.

The answers show a clear demand for larger scales than prescribed, especially for the long distance. The justification is, in the vast majority of cases, the need for better readability of the map, mainly because many competitors have difficulty seeing at close range (this justification also came from DH21 competitors, not only from masters).


What are the preferences for the long distance?


1 : 10 000 is a clear choice (73 %) for the long distance in the Jizera Mountains. This variant has a clear advantage over age classes. Among masters, the share of supporters on a scale of 1 : 7500 also increased significantly.

For the terrain in the Kokořín region, most of the corresponding competitors still want to receive a map at a scale of 1 : 10 000 on the long distance, but their share has decreased a bit. The reason is the increased interest in the 1 : 7500 scale, especially from the master classes, where these two variants are almost balanced.


The intention of the organizers to organize nice races in challenging terrains, which everyone can complete in comfort and by choosing a suitable class adequately to their performance, is very well described in one of the answers from our survey: “Let’s give people a map in such a map scale which they will enjoy and the result will be determined by the ability to orienteering and not by whether they can see well.


And what answers did we get to the map scales for middle distances?


According to the results of our survey, almost half of all respondents want a map at a scale of 1 : 7 500 for middle distances in Jizera Mountains. Especially in masters classes, this scale has a clear advantage.

The DH20-21 classes gave equal votes for both 1 : 10 000 and 1 : 7 500.

Most respondents want 1 : 7 500 for a middle distance in the Kokořín region. The number of those who would like to run at 1 : 5 000 also increased at the expense of 1 : 10 000. It is clear from the graphical representation of the answers by classes that masters prefer 1 : 7 500 almost as much as 1 : 5 000. However, a scale of 1 : 7 500 led in all age classes.



So what map scale will we use for Czech O-Tour races?


After considering the nature of the terrain, the readability of the map, the questions of printing the maps and based on the answers received, we decided for the following map scales.

In Jizera Mountains, all competitors will run the long distance with a map in 1 : 10 000. Children to adults will receive maps for middle distances at a map scale of 1 : 10 000 and masters will have a map scale of 1 : 7 500.

In the Kokořín region, the DH16-21 and probably DH35 classes will get a map for the long distance at a map scale of 1 : 10 000, the others then 1 : 7 500. We assume 1 : 10 000 for the middle distance for the DH16-21 classes, the others will have 1 : 7 500.