4 weeks left until the last round – Kokořínsko

2. 10. 2022

The third and final round of the Czech O-Tour 2022 series will take you to the sandstone rocks of Kokořínsko. Last year, the long distance and relays were run here during the WOC. This year, one middle and one long distance races await you here. What can we reveal already?  


Competition area

Both races will take place in the famous area around Husí Way and Čap Hill, where the orienteering public did not have as many opportunities to run. Sandstone rocks in various formations, often present at other levels. Many valleys, passages, sometimes steep slopes and mostly mature pine forest, running is limited by high blueberries and in thickets. As part of last year’s World Championships, world competitors competed here in relays and long distance (watch the aftermovies: relays a long distance).



The arena will be located on the meadow near Dřevčice, right under the beautiful rock walls (GPS: 50.5733347N, 14.4854072E). It was this place that was originally chosen as the venue for the WOC races in relays and long distance, finally a year and a half before the WOC was held, it was moved to nearby Heřmánky at the request of the course setters. On site you will find the O-RUN, Sporticus or Sportvogl sports stands, we are also preparing a taping school with GemMedical and, of course, we also think about your stomach. The traditional club buffet with homemade cakes and delicious Jizera Mountain cakes will be complemented by quality coffee from Křižany, there will also be a Vegit point and we will not forget those who like to have a beer, again from the production of the Konrad brewery. There will be a kindergarten for your little ones and space for your club tents.


We would like to point out that it is strictly forbidden to spend the night at the arena! What kind of accommodation have we arranged? 

  • Basic accommodation in the gym hall of the primary school in Dubá, which is only 6.5 km from the arena. Showers and toilets will be available. Price 120 CZK per person. Accommodation is possible from Friday 28 October 2022. You can book an overnight stay in the gym in ORIS as an additional service or via email info@o-tour.cz
  • We can recommend accommodation in a guesthouse U Rychtářky.
  • The organizer does not provide additional accommodation, but you can use our cooperation with Booking.com. Take a look and order some nice shelter!



Saturday 29. 10. 2022 11:00 start 00 – 6th race of Czech O-Tour series (attention – change!) Arena Dřevčice
afternoon medal ceremony – 6th race Arena Dřevčice
Sunday 30. 10. 2022 09:00 start 00 – 7th race of Czech O-Tour series (attention – change!) Arena Dřevčice
afternoon medal ceremony – 7th race Arena Dřevčice
afternoon overall series winners ceremony Arena Dřevčice

Important notice

Please remember that shoes with spikes and dobb spikes are forbidden! And also the fact that on the night from Saturday to Sunday there will be a transition to standard (“winter”) time.

Entry deadline

Přihlásit se můžete do 15. 10. 2022 v IS ORIS nebo přes online formulář na našem webu (výjimečně na e-mail info@o-tour.cz). Dohlášky jsou možné za zvýšené startovné do 22. 10. 2022. Na smístě pak dle kapacitních možností pořadatele pouze do kategorií pro veřejnost. You can entry until October 15, 2022 at IS ORIS or via the online form on our website (exceptionally by e-mail info@o-tour.cz). Entries are possible for an increased entry fee until October 22, 2022. On site, depending on the organizer’s capacity, only classes for the public.


Main organizers and map scales

Saturday’s middle distance is setting for you by Pavel Kubát, a successful competitor from last year’s World Championships, together with his wife Jana, the controller is Petr Kadavý. Masters will receive a map on a scale of 1:7 500, others will have 1:10 000. Sunday’s long distance is prepared by the experienced course setters team of Kateřina Kašková and Jaroslav Polák, and Dominika Pachnerová is the controller for them. In this race too, the masters will have a map on a scale of 1:7 500, while the others will have a map on a scale of 1:10 000.