Beautiful Šumava mountains concluded the second year of the Czech Orienteering Tour

29. 10. 2023

This year’s Czech Orienteering Tour concluded with two Šumava races in mountainous terrain to the west of Kubova Hut, situated in a saddle at 1000 meters above sea level. Despite the advanced autumn season and the high altitude, the weather favored us all and created a perfect atmosphere for the finale of this season. Nearly 1,200 racers had the opportunity to try out the brand-new mountain terrain during their stop in Vimper region, watch unique film in cooperation with the Šumava National Park, or try their hand at medieval fencing. The race atmosphere was enhanced, as is already customary within the Czech O-Tour series, by a comprehensive arena service that the organizing team provides, pushing the boundaries of pre- and post-race entartainment and comfort.

During the last weekend of October, the schedule for all three rounds of the Czech Orienteering Tour 2024 was published, and the presentation of the locations in the first half of November was announced with a bit of anticipation what will bring the new season. Therefore, follow us on our website and social media to stay updated on the latest news and, especially, the unveiling of three completely new race locations that we believe will bring you a lot of enjoyment throughout the season 2024.

Czech Orienteering Tour 2024 Schedule

Round 1: March 24

Round 2:  July 3-6

Round 3: October 26-28