Competition Information

Czech O-Tour 2022 – Terezín

Competition information for the 1st and 2nd race of the series

Date: Saturday, March 26, 2022
Organizing body: Czech Orienteering Federation
Organizing club: SKOB Roudnice nad Labem (ROU)
Range: two separately evaluated individual sprint races with Czech ranking coefficient 1.00,

included in the overall rating of the series

Arena: Terezín, city information centre, 50.5123778N, 14.1459261E
Registration: morning race: 08:00 – 09:00 at the arena, public classes until 11:00
afternoon race: 08:00 – 09:00 at the arena (together with the morning race) and 12:30 – 14:00, public classes until 15:30
Control description: on the map and published online in ORIS and on the event website (not available at the arena or at the start)
Start numbers: self-service collection at the arena (the same number for both races)
Parking: In the area of Automuseum near the Small Fortress. It will be marked. Follow the organizer’s instructions. The road from the car park to the arena will be marked with green-and-white strings and runs along the main road with a lot of traffic. Therefore, please take extra care.
Distances: morning: parking – arena 1000 – 1500 m
arena – start 0 m
arena – finish 0 m
afternoon: parking – arena 1000 – 1500 m
arena – start 450 m
arena – finish 0 m
Terrain: morning: The most part in the walls of the fortress. Take extra care on the walls and please read the safety instructions.
afternoon: Urban area with fortress elements and tunnels.
Shoes with metal dobs and spikes are forbidden!
Map: morning: Terezín Bastion 5, 1 : 4 000, e = 2 m, by Aleš Hejna, revised 03/2022 by Pavel Simr,  ISSprOM 2019-2; waterproof printing (pretex)
afternoon: Terezín centrum, 1 : 4 000, e = 2 m, by Aleš Hejna, revised 03/2022 by Pavel Simr,  ISSprOM 2019-2; waterproof printing (pretex)
Mobile apps OTour: available for download in Google Play (for Android) and AppStore (for iPhone). After entering the registration number, it displays the start time, running and overall results, as well as tips for trips within the region.
Special map symbols: black circle – fireplace
  black cross – small man-made feature or advertising object
Uncrossable line / area objects: Competitors are prohibited from entering/using/crossing the areas/objects listed below, as defined by the valid ISSprOM 2019-2 map key. The drawing in the map takes precedence, i.e. the access restriction is valid even if the competitor in the field evaluates that he/she could cross the object. Violation is punishable by disqualification.
Mandatory sections: start – map start (beginning of orientation) and last control – finish. Marked with red-and-white strings.
Refreshment: Water and ioniLyte ionic drink for all competitors after the finish.
  At the arena – drinks and food available.
Start: morning – interval start, 00 = 9:30
afternoon – interval start, 00 = 14:30
Marked with blue-and-white strings. Maps are taken already in the 3rd starting corridor with the last starting beep.
Classes for the public have a free start from 9:30 – 11:30 (morning) and 14:30 – 16:30 (afternoon); punching the start unit.
Courses: In the morning, the courses cross many times.  Read the map and control codes very carefully.  In both races, there is a large number of close-up controls in the field.
Some courses in the morning have a route choice along the main road, which is forbidden to cross. Running on the roadside is allowed and will be marked in the field.
Artificial barriers will look like during WOC2021, marked as fence (518).
String course: D10L, H10L and HDR courses are marked with red and white strings in the morning and with white strings in the afternoon, shortening between controls is allowed. In the HDR class there are 2 maps (1st for the competitor and 2nd for the accompanying adult).
Attention – the strings after the start in the morning race crosses with strings to the finish. All well visible and marked. The organizers will always point this out at the start.
Accompaniment is only allowed in the HDR class !!!  In classes for the public, it is possible to run according to the selected class in pairs, or as whole family / group together.
Arena passage: A corridor will lead through the arena, allowing this route choice for some classes. Part of this corridor is adjacent to the corridor in the opposite direction and also runs around the finish arc. The arena passage is not mandatory and most of the courses do not have it at all.
Course parameters: available on the event website:
Start list: available on ORIS and event website, in the Otour application; possibly posted at the arena
Punching: SPORTident Air+ punching will be used
possibility of renting a standard SI-chip for a fee of 50, -CZK / race, in case of loss of the borrowed chip the price of 800, -CZK will be charged. Requirements for chip rental should be stated in the entry
In case of a malfunction of the electronic punching, the competitors punch manually into the map (backup needle punch). The map with the backup punch is then handed over to the referee at the finish, who marks it with the name of the competitor and the club.
Maximum running time: 45 minutes for all classes
Finish: at the arena
Maps will not be collected. We ask for fair play.
After finishing, the competitor is obliged to have the chip read, even if the race is not completed.     
The finish will be closed 30 minutes after the maximum running time of the last starting competitor.
Preliminary results: will be continuously posted at the arena and available online via the OTour app. The final results will be published in the ORIS system and on the series website
Medal ceremony: After the second race, each race separately; only the winners will be announced.
HDR, D10L and H10L classes without announcement, but each participant will receive a small reward after finishing.

We expect to start the ceremony at 5.30 p.m. A raffle will take place before the ceremony.

Each participant will be able to generate an online participation diploma after the races at
Kindergarten: at the arena, see the map
WC: Toi Toi mobile toilets at the arena and at the car park
Changing clothes, washing: washing will not be provided, tents can be set up in the neighboring park, see the map. The park is behind the main road with heavy traffic. There is a place suitable for crossing, where there will be organizing supervision
First aid: at the arena
Main organisers: race director: Jana Buková
controller: Miroslav Duda
course setters: Jiří Heller, Petr Buk
Information: on the event website, in ORIS and in the OTour mobile application
Protests: A protest against violation or non-compliance with the Rules or against the decision of the event adviser can be submitted in writing (no later than 30 minutes after the planned time of closing the finish), on the spot and supported by a deposit of CZK 200 to the controller.
Protest against the official results then in writing within 14 days of the publication of the official results – by e-mail to info[AT], with a deposit of CZK 200 sent to the organizer’s account.
Jury: will be set and posted at the arena
Regulation: the race is held according to the valid Czech orienteering Rules. Estimated running times of the winners can be found on the event website:
Warning: everyone participates in the race at his/her own risk, the organizers of the race do not assume any responsibility

Additional information to the refreshment at the finish:

For drinking regime and hydration cares ioniLyte, Ovonex’s ionic hypotonic concentrate. It is a completely different ionic drink that is sugar-free, but moisturizes up to 2 times more than water.

The development of the ioniLyte product  was consulted with experts in sports nutrition from the Faculty of Sports Studies, Masaryk University in Brno. In each drop of this ionic drink you will receive more than 70 minerals and trace elements. Namely, the four main minerals that we lose the most through sweating: magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride.

ioniLyte contains an optimal sodium-potassium ratio of 3.5:1 and a high content of natural magnesium.

Every 700 ml of drink at refreshment stations with ioniLyte contains:

  • Magnesium 101,5 mg (RHP 27 %)
  • Sodium 390 mg
  • Potassium 111,5 mg (RHP 5,6 %)
  • Chloride 991.5 mg

Safety notice:

Please be very careful and considerate during the race. The road traffic in the city will not be limited. The traffic is weak, but it is. Therefore, be careful when crossing streets. Please be considerate of other competitors. Especially near the corners of the walls and in tunnels, in which, due to the number of registered participants, frequent counter-runs will arise. Visibility may also be reduced in some parts of the tunnels, so map your routes earlier and look ahead and under your feet in the tunnels.
However, be most careful on the walls. Here we ask for even greater caution. They are tall and their counties mostly unbounded. The most dangerous places will be bordered by tape, but we will not be able to tape everything. Therefore:
  • Do not go to the edges of the walls.
  • It is better to slow down when moving in narrower places.
  • Pay attention to other runners – for crossing or passing, always choose a place where there is enough space.
  • Educate your children too – their courses are set safely and rather outside, but despite this.
  • Cross the moats only on the marked footbridges. Don’t skip!
In the narrowest places, the walls are not wider than 1 m and even here runners in opposite direction can be met. These places will be bounded by tape. Don´t hesitate to give the right of way to other runners, as health protection is always more important.
To make the race varied and interesting, there are passages of the courses, that are usually forbidden to the public, but prepared for the race. Remind children that these passages (entrances to tunnels, etc.) can be used. Passages in fences are not highlighted by the mark 519 Passage.
It’s a competition, but more important than the result is a good and relaxed feeling from non-traditional experiences.

The operation of sales or promotional activities is possible only with the consent of the race director.

Protection of personal data:

The organizer, as a personal data administrator, is entitled to process the personal data of the registered participant for the fulfillment of his/her duties as the organizer of the race, for the purpose of fulfilling the contract that occurs between the organizer and the participant of the race by accepting the application. For the purpose of fulfilling its obligations, the organizer will publish the participant’s personal data in the valid CSOS format in the form of an entry, start list and results in the ORIS information system ( and on the event website (


During the event, news photographs will be taken to inform the public about the race, billing subsidies for the event, etc. in accordance with Section 89 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code. In addition, photos can be taken for the personal use of the competitors (as a memory of the races, to promote your club etc.) especially from the medal ceremony and the finish. In case you do not agree with the shooting, please explicitly notify the photographer.

Arena map:

1 – arena entrance 9 – kindergarten
2 – catering 10 –  club tents
3 – info (control descriptions, start numbers) 11 – finish
4 – registration 12 – arena passage E1
5 – ceremony 13 – finish corridor
6 – shops 14 – start E1 (morning)
7 – TOI TOI mobile toilets 15 – start E2 (afternoon) 500 m
8 – WC