Hidden gems #12

26. 4. 2021

XII. Trace the glass bead

If you are wondering where the glass comes from, the northern part of the Czech Republic is the answer. In Jablonec nad Nisou, there is a Muzeum of glass and jewelry. Next to the museum, there is a gallery called Palace Plus where you can buy a traditional glass present for your beloved ones, or you can experience the glass industry on your own. Their sortiment of glass bead is enormous! To set off on our trip today we should get first to Janov nad Nisou, this can be easily done by bus. From Janov we will follow the blue marked track to Hrabětice and then to Vodní nádrž Josefův Důl (Water reservoir Janův Důl). It may be a refreshing view from the dam 700 meters long. Furthermore, the track continues to Kristiánov with Liščí bouda and with the museum. Then we will have a nice walk around Blatenský rybník and get further to Prezidentská chata. Have you ever tasted the traditional Czech main dish called Svíčková with dumplings at Prezidentská chata? Have a nice trip!


Map with the route here