Series bulletin 2024

Invitation to race series

Czech O-Tour 2024

About the Event

A series of races for all generations and levels. From children to masters, from beginners to experienced competitors.

Dates and locations

1st race Czech O-Tour 2024 E1 Mirakulum
2nd race Czech O-Tour 2024 E2 Mirakulum
3rd race Czech O-Tour 2024 E1 Pilsen region
4th race Czech O-Tour 2024 E2 Pilsen region
5th race Czech O-Tour 2024 E3 Pilsen region
6th race Czech O-Tour 2024 E4 Pilsen region
7th race Czech O-Tour 2024 E1 Beskydy
8th race Czech O-Tour 2024 E2 Beskydy
9th race Czech O-Tour 2024 E3 Beskydy

Entries and payments

The limit of participants is currently 1000 competitors / race. If the limit is met, the organizer may increase the number of participants, as long as it does not contradict government regulations and the organizer has a higher number of participants approved for the race by the nature conservation entity or the forest owner. Entries for the entire series will be given priority.

Payments must be sent within the entry deadline to the account of the Czech Orienteering Federation:

IBAN: CZ35 2010 0000 0029 0129 6231


Bank: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1

Unpaid entries may be cancelled due to the limit of participants.


Competition classes: DH10L, DH10, DH12, DH14AB, DH16AB, DH18AB, DH21EAB, DH35AB, DH45AB, DH55AB, DH65AB, DH70, DH75, DH80 (D = women, H = men)

Special classes for sprints at Mirakulum – W21 and M21 as WRE classes – specified here

(In the case of a smaller number of entries, the organizer reserves the right to merge some subclasses and vice versa, in the case of a large number of entrants to one subclass, divide it.)

Public classes: OPEN-S, OPEN-M, OPEN-L, HDR (child on string course shadowed by adult)

Public classes have a free start time within the range specified by the organizer in the Bulletin 2 for the relevant race.

Entry Fee

Entire series (9 races for the price of 7)

Single race

Basic entry deadline

It always takes place until Sunday 14 days before the race (21 days for the Pilsen region) or until the entry limit is reached. For individual locations, these are the following dates: Mirakulum by 10 March 2024, Plilsen region by 9 June 2024 and Beskydy by 13 October 2024.


The last entry deadline

It takes place during the three days following the basic entry deadline or until the entry limit is reached. For individual locations, these are the following dates: Mirakulum by 13 March 2024, Plzeň by 12 June 2024 and Beskydy by 16 October 2024.

Competitors registered in this way have a guaranteed starting place in the competition class (if the entry limit has not already been met).

Entries on the day (on site)

Only for public classes limited entry on the day with the fee as for late entry deadline will be available (subject to availability of maps).


We are preparing a number of interesting benefits for participants who sign up for the entire series. Which ones are they?

Cancellation Policy

Refund of fees upon entry cancellation:

Prize giving

After each race, all participants will be announced, regardless of the order in the HDR, DH10L, DH10 classes. The top three in the DH12, DH14A, DH14B class and the winners of the other classes.

At the end of the series, the 3 best competitors in the overall ranking of the given class will be announced (7 out of 9 races count).

Club competition

As part of the Czech O-Tour, we are again announcing a year-round club competition. The 12 best results achieved by members of one club across the classes from 9 races are counted. The points earned by children, youth, seniors, younger and older masters are important for the overall placement.

At the end of the series, the top 8 clubs in the overall rating of the club competition will be awarded.


Electronic punching

The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used, and all versions of SI card are accepted. Contactless punching will be enabled for use with SIAC cards. Only standard SI-cards will be available for hire when entering (fee 50 CZK/race). If lost, compensation 900 CZK will be required.

Organizing body

Czech Orienteering Federation (Český svaz orientačních sportů, Zátopkova 100/2, 169 00 Praha 6 – Břevnov)


On the website or via the mail


Will be provided for the necessary time.

Protection of personal data and photography

The organizer, as a personal data administrator, is entitled to process the personal data of the registered participant for the performance of his/her duties as the organizer of the race, for the purpose of fulfilling the contract that occurs between the organizer and the participant of the race by accepting the entry. For the purpose of fulfilling its obligations, the organizer will publish the participant’s personal data in the valid ČSOS format in the form of an entry, start list and results in the ORIS information system ( and on the event website (

Photography: During the event, news photographs will be taken to inform the public about the race, billing subsidies for the event, etc. in accordance with Section 89 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code. In addition, photos can be taken for the personal use of the competitors (as a memory of the races, promoting the club etc.) especially from the prize giving and the finish. In case you do not agree with the photo shooting, please explicitly notify the photographer.

Please note:

Everyone participates in the race at their own risk.

We ask participants to behave in a respectful manner towards the environment. Sort the waste into prepared containers.

Information about individual races: