1972 – 2022: Czech O-Tour in the terrain of the 1972 World Championship

14. 2. 2022

The Czech O-Tour 2022 series is a follow-up to the successful World Championship, which took place in 2021 in the Czech Republic with its centre in Doksy. Due to the pandemic, the accompanying races were cancelled last year, so only this year everyone will be able to race in these exclusive terrains.


However, the sandstone rocks in the Kokořínsko area were not used for the World Championship for the first time. This year it has been 50 years since the first World Orienteering Championship was held in our country (at that time it was Czechoslovakia). Let’s recall it in a little bit more detail.

The centre was in Staré Splavy at that time (where was the Event Office and most of the teams lived last year). It was only the 4th World Orienteering Championships (after WOCs in Finland, Sweden and the GDR). The format of the races was much simpler than the current one. On September 14, 1972, an individual race took place in the area of Bohemian Switzerland in the vicinity of Jetřichovice, and two days later, on September 16, 1972, relays were run in the Kokořínsko area near the village of Obrok. Men completed 4 legs, women 3.

A total of 17 countries participated in the World Championships, 6 of them medalled and Czechoslovakia was one of them. In the individual race, Åge Hadler from Norway won in the men’s race, while Sarolta Monspart from Hungary became the first non-Scandinavian world champion in the women’s race. The women’s course was 8.25 km long, the men’s course 13.5 km.

In the relay race, Czechoslovakia won its only medal from this World Championships, thanks to the bronze relay of women. The Finns won over the Norwegians. In men, the Swedes won first place, ahead of Switzerland and Hungary. Czechoslovakia finished fourth after the disqualification of the relays of Norway and Finland.


The terrain in which both races were run was exceptional. These were sandstone areas that had not been typical racing terrain until then. For the first time, green thickets also appeared at the World Championships.


In these unique terrains you will be able to run during the third round of the Czech O-Tour 2022, which will take place on October 29-30, 2022 in the Kokořínsko area. You will visit the northwest area of the map from the 1972 World Championship relays.


Source: publication of the Czech Orienteering Federation “70 years of orienteering: 1950-2020”; Wikipedia