Map scale for Jizerky and Kokořín – which do you prefer?

20. 4. 2022

The city sprints in Terezín are over, the next two rounds of the Czech O-Tour 2022 series will take place in the forest. In summer in Jizerky, in autumn in Kokořín region.

So there are two beautiful types of terrain waiting for you. Jizera Mountains, hilly with numerous occurrences of granite boulders and cliffs, as well as knolls and contours details, partly marshy and with a typical limited runnability due to stony surface, high blueberries and in some parts thickets. And in the Kokořín region there are well-known massive sandstone rock blocks, in places present at other levels, a plenty of valleys and reentrants, mostly mature pine forest, with limited runnability by the steepness of the slopes or in some parts by high blueberries or thickets of various age.

Both of these terrains place increased demands on the competitors, even when reading the map. According to the Czech orienteering rules, a scale of 1: 15,000 is prescribed for long distances, and a scale of 1: 15,000 or 1: 10,000 for middle distances. According to the Rules, a reasonably larger scale can be used for masters and children.

These Czech orienteering rules are “binding for sports events and orienteering competitions included in the competitions of the Foot-O section of the Czech Orienteering Federation or regional competitions in orienteering and for other competitions where competition license according to the Classification Rules can be obtained. “

In practice, this means that in Jizerky, the DH16-21 classes should get the scale 1 : 15 000 for long distance and for middle distance at least 1 : 10 000. The races are included in the Czech Ranking and you can obtain a license there. In the Kokořín, this would then apply to classes DH20-21, due to the inclusion in the Czech Ranking.

If the organizer would like a different scale for these classes, then it is necessary to apply for an exemption to the relevant competition committee.

1 : 15 000 1 : 10 000 1 : 7 500 1 : 5 000


We want to organize Czech O-Tour races as races in beautiful terrain for competitors of all ages and levels of performance. This includes the beginners from the public. However, always in accordance with the Rules and other regulations. So we would like to know your opinion on in which scale you would like to get your map at our races. We have therefore prepared a survey and please fill in our form. We will publish the results. But we do not promise that they will be binding for the organizers. However, if the survey indicates a clear desire to change the scale, we will request an exception.

The survey does not only concern the DH16-21 classes, we will also be happy for the opinions of masters and children, so that we can also choose a suitable scale for them.

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