Two months left until the start: What awaits you in the Jizera Mountains?

16. 5. 2022

The second round of the Czech O-Tour 2022 series will take you to the Jizera Mountains, where you will find 3 stages and one bonus in challenging mountain terrain, which was used for the middle distance at WOC 2021. What are we preparing for you? Where can you stay?


Competition area

Two stages will take place on the now legendary Buková hora, where the world’s orienteers competed for precious medals in the final of the middle distance during WOC 2021 (see the WOC2021 aftermovie). Rock labyrinths, a large number of stones, heavy pad, blueberries. This is how the terrain that you can taste during Czech O-Tour races can be characterized. Sample maps speak absolutely clearly! ;-).

The next stage will be located north of the area where the model training for the World Championships took place and also the Czech Cup on the long distance 6 years ago.



The arena will be located in the Cross-Country Ski Area in Josefův Důl (GPS: 50.7739828N, 15.2359122E). You will find O-RUN and Sporticus sports stands on the spot, we are also preparing a taping school and, of course, we are also thinking about your stomach. Excellent Jizera Mountains cakes will be complemented by quality coffee from Křižany, there will also be a Vegit point and we will not forget those who like to have a sausage or beer, again from the production of the Konrad brewery. There will be a kindergarten on site for your little ones and plenty of space for your club tents.



We offer accommodation in the Tanvaldský Špičák camp – only 8 kilometers from the arena. In the camp you will find a Friday´s event office and the event centre of Friday night’s Lucifer cup race. There will be also a concert for the competitors on Saturday evening.

What accommodation possibilities do we offer for this event in cooperation with the camp?

  • accommodation in a tent (children from 6 years up to and including DH14) – CZK 150 (price per person)
  • accommodation in a tent (other) – CZK 200 (price per person)
  • Teepee (up to 8 people, price for the whole tent, 3 Teepee available) – 1200 CZK
  • Cottage (for 6 people, price for the whole cottage, 2 available) – 2000, – CZK
  • Apartment (for 4 people, with shower and kitchen and own bathroom) – 2500 CZK
  • Motorhome / caravan (with electrical connection) – 500 CZK

The price is valid for accommodation from Friday to Sunday, children under 6 years in the tent are free.

It is not possible to book accommodation for one night only.

There are showers, sanitary facilities, toilets, laundry facilities, free Wi-Fi, a snack bar, a covered barbecue area, bicycle rental and a children’s playground.

You can book accommodation in ORIS as an additional service or via email to

The organizer does not provide additional accommodation, but you can use our cooperation with



If you want to enjoy a busy weekend with everything, then know that we are preparing a very rich programme for you.

Friday, July 15, 2022 from 17:00 registration + accommodation Tanvaldský Špičák camp
from 17:00 training Tanvaldský Špičák camp
from 21:30 night race – Lucifer cup Tanvaldský Špičák camp
Saturday, July 16, 2022 from 7:30 registration Cross-country ski area Josefův Důl
  10:00 start 00 – 3rd race of Czech O-Tour Cross-country ski area Josefův Důl
  15:00 start 00 – 4th race of Czech O-Tour Cross-country ski area Josefův Důl
  18:30 prize giving ceremony (3rd + 4th race) Cross-country ski area Josefův Důl
  20:00 concert Cross-country ski area Josefův Důl
Sunday, July 17, 2022 10:00 start 00 – 5th race of Czech O-Tour Cross-country ski area Josefův Důl
  14:00 prize giving ceremony Cross-country ski area Josefův Důl

Entry deadline

Entries are possible until July 2, 2022 via ORIS or online entry form (exceptionally via e-mail Late entries with increased entry fee are possible until July 9, 2022. Limited entry on the day will be available (subject to availability of maps) only for public classes.

Night accompanying race – Lucifer cup

On Friday evening we are preparing a unique night race for you – Lucifer cup. The main partner of this race is the Czech brand of quality headlamps Lucifer.

Arena, start and finish: Tanvaldský Špičák camp – GPS: 50.7417831N, 15.2825303E
Classes (courses): S = short (about 1 km, easy), M = medium (about 2 km, medium difficulty of navigation), L = long (about 3 km, hellishly difficult)
Entries: until July 2, 2022 online via IS ORIS (exceptionally via e-mail, increased entry fee until July 9, 2022
limited entry on the day will be available
Entry fee: 150 CZK until July 2, later 200 CZK
Map: 1 : 4 000,  contour interval 2,5 m, from July 2022
Possibility to hire headlamp: the organizer, in cooperation with the Lucifer company, offers a limited possibility to hire headlamps for CZK 100 – order as an additional service in ORIS or via email
Gift for all participants: A 10% discount on all Lucifer headlamps is available for all participants who finish the race. If you beat the Lucifer company owner Petr Dvořák on the long course (3 km), then you will have a 15% discount.
Prize giving: The participant with the best time does not win the prize, but everyone has a chance. From all the competitors who complete the race without disqualification, we will draw three lucky ones who will win valuable prizes from the Lucifer company.
1. prize – golden headlamp Lucifer
2. prize – hard case Lucifer
3. prize – reusable shopping bags Lucifer
More information: In the competition information during the last week before the race or via email


Main organizers and map scales

Martin Janata is the course setter of middle distance race on Saturday morning, the controller is Martin Posselt. David Pustai sets the middle distance on Saturday afternoon and Dušan Novotný took over the controller role. In both middle distance races, the masters will receive a map at a scale of 1 : 7 500, the others will have 1 : 10 000.

Sunday’s long distance is being prepared by Dušan Novotný (course setter) and Martin Janata (controller). The map scale will be 1 : 10 000 for everyone.