Are you ready for the wild? Šumava is approaching

6. 8. 2023

While we are slowly processing the experiences of the Czech O-Tour summer series in Kokořínsko, other races are knocking on the door. During the autumn holidays, we will visit the undiscovered terrains of Šumava. Are you ready for the wild? Kubova Huť, where the race arena will be, offers great opportunities for trips around the area and, of course, also for orienteering.

So don’t hesitate and register for the final round of the Czech O-Tour 2023, there are already over 500 competitors registered and we are very happy about that (some for the whole series, some only for Šumava races). At the same time, do not delay in booking accommodation in the vicinity, this is a very attractive tourist location.

Czech O-Tour Šumava, October 27–29

Why come to Šumava mountains?

  • unique terrains that have never been used for orienteering
  • amazing virgin nature
  • an ideal option for spending the autumn holidays
  • time for trips in Šumava forests before the races
  • orienteering bazaar
  • interesting saturday accompanying program