We are publishing the Czech O-Tour locations in Pilsen

9. 4. 2024

Were you also eager for the Czech O-Tour locations in Pilsen to be announced? The wait was long for us too, but we just had to wait for the locations of the Junior World Orienteering Championship to be announced, because you will also run in the terrains where the best juniors in the world will be fighting for medals a day earlier.

The centre of the Kwak Czech O-Tour will be the Ejpovice campsite on July 1-6, from where you can comfortably go to cheer on the first two races of the Junior World Orienteering Championship as well as the other races of the Czech O-Tour and JWOC. Because while the JWOC starts on Monday with the sprint relay race in Pilsen and continues on Tuesday with the sprint race in Stříbro, the Czech O-Tour starts on Wednesday. The first two races will be a middle and long distance in Hůrky, where the best juniors will run the long distance. The third and fourth stage will take you north of Pilsen to Dobříč, where the long and middle distance will take place, while the juniors will have the middle distance and relay race. Detailed info is in the newly released bulletin 1.

As a bonus, we have prepared a sprint prologue in Stříbro, which will take place right after the JWOC sprint race on July 2. Entry fee is free for those registered for the whole Czech O-Tour series. Registration is done separately via ORIS.

Orienteering atmosphere in camp Ejpovice

As we have already mentioned above, the centre of the races will be the Ejpovice campsite. We offer accommodation for Czech O-Tour competitors and JWOC 2024 spectators. You can enjoy the common atmosphere in this orienteering mini-village during the whole week right at the campsite by the water reservoir. More information can be found on the Czech O-Tour Plzeňsko 2024 page.

All info is in the newly published Bulletin 1