Kokořínsko – August 2023

The summer part of the Czech O-Tour series will take us to Kokořínsko. The center will be the Nedamov camping site, and four stages await everyone. The first one will be a sprint in Česká Lípa, the second race will be near the event center in Nedamov, and the last two stages will be in the new terrain (never used for orienteering) around the village of Ždírec. All in all: an amazing sprint and 3 races in rocky sandstone terrain. But that’s still not all. In addition to your own racing, you can be in the scene of an elite orienteering event. On the same days and in the same location, the 2nd round of the Orienteering World Cup will take place. This part of the Czech O-Tour will thus be the largest even with numerous international participation. The evnent is coorganized by Orienteering club Kotlářka.

Why come to Kokořínsko region?