Experience the WOC Terrains: WOC Tour 2021

23. 6. 2020

Whereas 2021 diaries are about to being printed, lots of orienteers all over the world already have their plans for July next year: visit the WOC. Apart from cheering for the best orienteers and making trips in the beautiful surroundings, we are also preparing the possibility to experience the most beautiful and challenging WOC terrains also from the runner´s perspective.

Together with the World Championships we will organize the WOC Tour: six stages in six days. The aim is to offer an attractive programme in the way that enables the spectators to not only experience the most of the WOC terrains but also to make trips in the region of Northern Bohemia: the castles of the Kokořínsko region, lookout towers and peaks of Jizerské hory (Jizera mountains) like the spectacular summit of Ještěd or the sandstone rock towns of the Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise).

There will be five forest stages and one sprint and it will be open for all classes – starting with children up to the masters. The WOC Tour results will then be made out of five stages. The competitions will be held in the surroundings of Doksy (WOC center), in Kokořínsko and Jizerské hory. You can expect variety of the most beautiful and demanding terrains of Northern Bohemia – we will balance the mix of flat though rocky terrains, deep sandstone valleys and ravines as well as granite hillsides of Jizerské hory.

Please, note that there is a limit set to 2 500 entries. Invatation has been just published on official WOC Tour 2021 website and we will be accepting entries in Autumn. Follow our website and social networks to have the most up-to-date information!


Day Date WOC Tour Program WOC
Program Program
Saturday July, 3rd arrival, training Individual Sprint Q,Individual sprint F
Sunday July, 4th E1 –Shortened Long Mixed Relay, Opening ceremony
Monday July, 5th E2 – Long Middle Q
Tuesday July, 6th E3 – Middle Middle F
Wednesday July, 7th E4 – Sprint Free day
Thursday July, 8th E5 – Long Relay
Friday July, 9th E6 – Middle Long
Saturday July, 10th departure departure