What you need to know before you reach Terezín

25. 3. 2022

Tomorrow we will all see each other in Terezin. We have made a list of all the important information that is good to know before your start.

Links to important documents


  • Competition information – all essential information (start time, distances, safety instructions, map of the arena and many other important information)
  • start lists E1 (classes, clubs) and E2 (classes, clubs)
  • control descriptions (E1, E2) – will be printed on the map, but not be available at the arena point or at the start, you can print your class yourself
  • new sprint map symbol specification ISSprOM 2019-2 – who wants to be sure where is it allowed to run and where not, we recommend to study

Important competition information

  • the start of the morning race is at 9:30 a.m. (in the arena), the afternoon starts at 2:30 p.m. (450 m from the arena);  marked with blue-and-white strings
  • maps are taken already in the 3rd start corridor with the last starting beep
  • public classes have a free start between 9:30 – 11:30 (morning) and 14:30 – 16:30 (afternoon); punching the start unit
  • D10L, H10L and HDR courses are marked with red and white strings in the morning and with white strings in the afternoon, shortening between controls is allowed. In the HDR class there are 2 maps (1st for the competitor and 2nd for the accompanying adult).
  • arena passage – a corridor will lead through the arena, allowing this route choice for some classes (part of this corridor is adjacent to the corridor in the opposite direction and also runs around the finish arc); the arena passage is not mandatory and most of the courses do not have it at all
  • washing will not be provided, mobile toilets available at the arena and at the car park; tents can be set up in the neighboring park
  • medal ceremony only after the second race (for both races separately); only the winners will be announced; a raffle will take place before the ceremony
  • HDR, D10L and H10L classes without announcement, but each participant will receive a small reward after finishing
  • safety instructions – please be careful and considerate! the race takes place in unrestricted road traffic; watch out for other runners especially near the corners of the walls and in the tunnels; pay close attention to the walls – they are high and their edges are mostly unbounded, the most dangerous places will be bounded by tape (places only 1 m wide, be considerate of others!); do not jump over water ditches, but overcome only on marked footbridges
  • we recommend reading the full version of competition information


Beware of the new specification for sprint maps!

With the new season came a new specification for sprint maps, which is already implemented at our races. The most important changes mainly concern the green color and mapping of multi-level spaces, so we would like to draw your attention to them and offer a short excursions.

Uncrossable green

In the new sprint map specification, we have added the at first glance identifiable mark 411 – Uncrossable vegetation, which is forbidden to cross or pass through and can be used for example to map hedges, flower beds or other objects forbidden to the competitor.

Bridges, tunnels and multi-level areas

Changes have also been made to the symbols for the entrances to the multi-level structure, such as bridges and tunnels, and with it for the multi-level areas themselves. The entrances to the lower level of these areas will be newly marked with small black triangles. The input/progression of the upper level is marked with a dotted line. For the multi-level areas themselves, a new symbol 512.3 – Area passable at two levels has been created. The two levels are then marked with a two-color hatch. This can be better understood in the demo. For example, the IOF offers an example from the vicinity of the Prague Congress Centre:

Prague Congress Centre vicinity Two levels striped area

Finally, we will show a few examples directly from Terezín..

In the first case, areas or structures you are allowed to cross or pass through:

Second case, where on the other hand, it is definitely NOT allowed to cross or pass through:

There are much more tunnels in the map, so we hope that you will take away mainly a quality experience, not a ruined race. Let you like it in Terezin and we keep our fingers crossed that the races will be successful.


What will be the weather in Terezín?

weather forecast for Terezín


What can you have for lunch (or then for dinner)?

1. Coffee with cake
2. Sausages, chicken, beer, limo
3. Novinárna
  • tomato soup with basil (gluten-free)
  • wrap with ham, cheese and vegetables
  • pasta with carrots and dried tomatoes (vegan)
  • Jamaican couscous with beef minced meat


Don´t forget to download our mobile application OTour

Download is available here:  Google Play (pro Android)AppStore (pro iPhone).

After entering the registration number, it displays the start time, running and overall results, as well as tips for trips in the area.

For example, you will find the following trips there:

  1. Libochovice Chateau and Stradonka Lookout Tower
  2. views from the top of Hazmburk and chocolatier shop Třebenice
  3. the smallest urban conservation area in Úštěk
  4. baroque chateau Ploskovice
  5. of course, there are some tips for exploring Terezin

and many other trips.