Accompanying program in Mirakulum

20. 3. 2024

An experience program for the smallest children, a labyrinth, an encryption game, but also an orienteering bazaar, a shop or a prize draw for all participants. We want you to enjoy the Czech O-Tour, and not only on the course. In this article and in the bulletin 2, you can read what we have in store for you.

Children come first

The opening round of the Kwak Czech O-Tour 2024 will take place in an amusement park, so of course children deserve the most attention. When the parents are on the course, the children will be welcomed by Kubík’s Kindergarten, where they can try out a small race and look forward to a nice gift from Kubík the mascot. For children from the age of two and more, the kindergarten offers the Str8 Adventure Race for the youngest (9 AM – 5 PM) – at the controls there will be tasks inspired by the heroes of the popular series, from control to control they will be seen and at the finish line everyone will receive a small reward.

Even adults will enjoy it

Older competitors and adults will certainly not be bored during a busy race day. The Sporticus Labyrinth (9 AM – 5 PM) will take place in a natural maze and the courses will be for more experienced orienteers, but children accompanied by their parents will definitely be able to do it too. The encryption game Cryptomania is new this year – it takes players about 20-30 minutes and since ciphers like company, they work better in a team. It is ideal to go to the game area in a small group of about 3-5 people. The only equipment to play the game will be a mobile phone with internet access (of one of the team members). It will be open from 9 AM to 5 PM.

The Oriental bazaar will continue this year! The first round in Mirakulum will of course be dedicated to children, which is why we will support the project Donating children free-time clubs. The bazaar will only accept items for sale between 8 AM and 10 AM, after which the sale will start. Together with the bazaar, the Czech orienteering shop will be open with orienteering games and methodical materials.

There will also be traditional sellers of sports equipment – O-run and Sporticus. And since you are going to the Kwak Czech O-Tour, you can also look forward to the Kwak sleeping bag sellers.


Competition for valuable prizes for everyone

A raffle will take place between the stages from 12:30. From all registered participants, we will draw lucky winners directly in the arena as part of our O-Tour raffle. We are preparing very attractive prices:

  • 2x Kuňka sleeping bag from the company Kwak Outdoor worth approx. 10,000 CZK
  • 1x Bagheera Duffel Bag from
  • 3x bandlbox ULTRA Training 490 g from Los Křupos

At the same time, as part of the competition for those registered for the entire series, we will draw three winners of valuable prizes:

  • 1x Barku orienteering carbon shoes
  • 1x Str8 – the ultimate compass
  • 1x Bagheera Duffel Bag

More in Bulletin 2