10. 5. 2022

Map scale preferences for Jizera Mountains and Kokořín region – voting results

Thanks to everyone who took part in the vote. We would like to inform you about the results.   There were 67 responses, 13% of respondents were from classes up to and including DH18, 33% from DH20-21 and 54% from masters classes. The answers show a clear demand for larger […]

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20. 4. 2022

Map scale for Jizerky and Kokořín – which do you prefer?

The city sprints in Terezín are over, the next two rounds of the Czech O-Tour 2022 series will take place in the forest. In summer in Jizerky, in autumn in Kokořín region. So there are two beautiful types of terrain waiting for you. Jizera Mountains, hilly with numerous occurrences of […]

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25. 3. 2022

What you need to know before you reach Terezín

Tomorrow we will all see each other in Terezin. We have made a list of all the important information that is good to know before your start. Links to important documents   Competition information – all essential information (start time, distances, safety instructions, map of the arena and many other […]

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9. 3. 2022

Don’t forget the club competition!

The entries deadline date for the first races of the Czech O-Tour series is approaching. It is necessary to send your entry for sprints in Terezín by 12.3.2022 (for increased entry fees by 19.3.2022). Please confirm your entry by timely payment of the entry fee. With the start of the […]

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8. 3. 2022

37 WOCs in ONE?

37 WOCs in ONE book!    A new book about orienteering is about to be printed! The huge summary of the World Orienteering Championships between 1966-2021 is the Memories of the winners! You can glance at the thinking of winners, many legendary orienteerers shared their experiences there. Moreover, ALL maps with courses […]

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14. 2. 2022

1972 – 2022: Czech O-Tour in the terrain of the 1972 World Championship

The Czech O-Tour 2022 series is a follow-up to the successful World Championship, which took place in 2021 in the Czech Republic with its centre in Doksy. Due to the pandemic, the accompanying races were cancelled last year, so only this year everyone will be able to race in these […]

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27. 1. 2022

Win a free entry fee!

The competition is over, you will find the correct solution at the end of the article. Thank you for participating. Take part in the competition prepared by the organizers of the Czech O-Tour. Win entry fees for the entire series or race of your choice! What can you win? This […]

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17. 1. 2022

Czech O-Tour 2022 will offer more than planned!

7 races, 3 unique locations, year-round series, rich accompanying program. The organizers modified the concept of the organization and launched the Czech O-Tour 2022 website. Everything follows on from last year’s World Orienteering Championships, where the accompanying races for spectators and fans were canceled due to covid measures. In the […]

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