21. 6. 2021

Hidden gems #19

XIX. Krkonoše to the area of forgotten patriots Our trip starts in Jablonec nad Jizerou, we can easily travel there by train for instance. Firstly, we set off on our journey following the green marked track in a direction of Paseky nad Jizerou. In old times, many people were crossing […]

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14. 6. 2021

Hidden gems #18

XVIII. To the magnificent views around Vysoké nad Jizerou Our trip starts in the main square of Vysoké nad Jizerou, the city located in the northern part of the Czech Republic. If you accidentally have already eaten your snack, do not panic, there is a great bakery where you can find […]

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7. 6. 2021

Hidden gems #17

XVII.  For the delicacies of the Bohemian Paradise Firstly, it is necessary to mention that in Lomnice nad Popelkou one could spend even a day, there is so much to see – the castle, historic centre, or famous monument area Karlov! In case you have never tasted lomnické suchary, the […]

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31. 5. 2021

Hidden gems #16

XVI. Trip to Navarov Get ready for a 15 kilometres long trip to Tanvald. Before you go, make sure to have enough snacks with you. Together we set off our journey from the train station called Navarov. Firstly, there is a blue marked route, then we switch to the green […]

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24. 5. 2021

Hidden gems #15

XV. Romantic tour Palackého stezkou The starting point for our trip is railway station Jesenný. Together we will follow the river Kamenice and continue to the village named Bozkov. You can enjoy the view from the tower of the church – kostel Navštívení Panny Marie.  Nearby, there are unique caves […]

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17. 5. 2021

Hidden gems #14

XIV. Following traces of mysterious Dr. Kittel This trip is connected to the history of Dr. Kittel. As you know one of our partners is Kitl, are you wondering whether there is any connection? This answer will be uncovered by Pavel Kubát, a great Czech orienteerer currently working there. However, […]

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10. 5. 2021

Hidden gems #13

XIII. Let’s face heaven and hell   Many waterfalls will be visited during this trip but also there is a chance to see the hell. The starting point for today is Josefův Důl, as you may remember, Josefův Důl is well-known for its large potable water reservoir with a 700-meter […]

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29. 4. 2021

We’re changing plans. WOC Tour in 2022

Based on the epidemic situation and measures not only in the Czech Republic, but also around the World, we are forced to make changes that we regret. But you will not lose anything. On the contrary the number of planned events increased. Our plans and visions were huge but unfortunately […]

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