29. 7. 2020

What do we want to do sustainably

This article is about changes in a couple of areas we plan to implement in order to organize a sustainable event.   Waste Waste is the most visible result of every event. However, perfectly managed waste separation is not the only thing we can improve: waste should be handled effectively. […]

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8. 7. 2020

Why Sustainable WOC?

Why we decided to take a little bit different path of organizing World Championship is already clear. But why did we decided to talk about it as a Sustainable WOC? Thoughts about environmentally friendly organizing of WOC accompanies our preparations from the very beginning. After few months of thinking we […]

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23. 6. 2020

Experience the WOC Terrains: WOC Tour 2021

Whereas 2021 diaries are about to being printed, lots of orienteers all over the world already have their plans for July next year: visit the WOC. Apart from cheering for the best orienteers and making trips in the beautiful surroundings, we are also preparing the possibility to experience the most […]

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