26. 4. 2021

Hidden gems #12

XII. Trace the glass bead If you are wondering where the glass comes from, the northern part of the Czech Republic is the answer. In Jablonec nad Nisou, there is a Muzeum of glass and jewelry. Next to the museum, there is a gallery called Palace Plus where you can […]

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19. 4. 2021

Hidden gems #11

XI. From Libverda to Cats rocks Lázně Libverda, the starting point for this trip is a well-known city that is wedged between Hejnice and Nové Město pod Smrkem. The city Lázně Libverda has earned popularity for its curative effects. There are many spring fountains surrounded by people consuming the curative […]

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12. 4. 2021

Hidden gems #10

X. From Hodkovice to Obří sud Our trip to find the last of the first ten in our Hidden gems serial starts in Hodkovice nad Mohelkou. At the beginning, there is the way of the cross to Kostelní vrch that ends up with a nice view on Javorník, the final […]

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29. 3. 2021

Hidden gems #9

IX. To rocky viewpoints and unknown views on Liberec The ninth of Hidden gems is located in Liberec. Liberec is a beautiful city where one can get either to the mountains or to the city centre in a while. Although Liberec is well-known for Ještěd, the dominant hill above the […]

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22. 3. 2021

Hidden gems #8

VII. Kotel the place full of surprises The eight of Hidden gems is located near the town Osečná. From the bus station in Osečná, there is a yellow marked track that leads to a little village called Kotel. After several metres, there is a unique statue of the Holy Trinity […]

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15. 3. 2021

Hidden gems #7

VII. What is the process behind the butter? The seventh of Hidden gems offers a unique opportunity to dig into the past a bit, lets visit a Minimuseum today and feel the history! In case you are interested in traditional ancient handcraft, make sure to visit Minimuzeum másla a chleba […]

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9. 3. 2021

What to expect about the WOC Tour?

What to expect about the WOC Tour? Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still our reality and next to all the other problems, it complicates also the WOC and WOC Tour organization. The WOC themselves should happen as planned, the organizers have an official guarantee from the National Sport Agency. In case of […]

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8. 3. 2021

Hidden gems #6

VI. Tour to visit elephants in Lužické hory The track of the sixth of Hidden gems is hidden in Lužické hory. Our trip starts in Rynoltice (about 40 km far from Doksy), if you continue on foot there is another small village called Polesí. A couple of metres east there […]

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